Evaporative Cooler Damaged? Come In and We’ll Repair It in Arvada, CO!

Staying Cool with Evaporative Cooling

Sometimes it just makes sense to use an evaporative cooler as the means to stay cool if your HOA allows it! Evaporative coolers typically are installed on the roof of your home and discharge the moistened cool air through one vent usually located in a hallway. The disadvantage of the evaporative cooler is that you will need to leave a window open in order for the system to work properly, and the required maintenance for spring start up and winter shut down needs to be done at the unit, making getting up on the roof a chore. But in some cases where the home is older and there is no forced air system in place, then this is an affordable solution.

Evaporative cooling is quite different from Central Air conditioning, as it puts moisture into your home. We call it a “Florida” kind of feeling as that it produces humid air, but it will still keep you cool in the hot summer months.

Our local utility company offers great rebates on the purchase of an evaporative cooler. Give us a call at 303-421-3572 to find out the amount of rebate you can expect.

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